Privacy Policy

Established as of 1st February 2010
By Shinichi Tohei, President of Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai (Ki Society)

About Private Information

Private information is individual information with which the specific individual can be recognized such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account, access data, number, code, and image of the individual.

1. Protection of Private Information

Our activities are conducted based on a trust relationship with our customers, business partners, and our staff. We establish this Privacy Policy in order to protect private information that we have, and that our directors and staff will comply with.

Ki Society shall not use this private information beyond the original purpose of same. Also Ki Society shall abide by the following Japanese business standards: "Act on the Protection of Personal Information", "Guideline for the field of economy, trade and industry in connection with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information", "Guideline for measures taken by business entities for maintaining appropriate handling of private information" and Japanese Industrial Standards Qualification 15001:2006 "Management System for protection of privacy information".
The definition of words stipulated in this Policy is in line with "Act on the Protection of Personal Information".

2. Establishment of Internal Management

Ki Society shall take the following measures for privacy information handling:

  • We shall establish an internal policy regarding handling of private information.
  • We shall take measures towards the prevention and remedy of the divulging, loss, or damage of privacy information.
  • We shall assign an administrator of private information protection in order for our staff to comply with internal policies.
  • We shall annually educate all staff including directors regarding the handling of private information.
  • We shall annually audit our internal policy and status of adherence to this privacy policy.

3. Acquisition and utilization of private information.

1) Purpose of Utilization
When receiving private information directly from the purveyor in writing, etc., Ki Society shall utilize this information within the purpose of use that is described and agreed upon by the purveyor.
As for any private information stipulated for additional uses, Ki Society shall use them within the purpose stipulated below.

2) Discretion of provision
When Ki Society asks you to provide private information, it is at your own discretion that you provide such information. In this case, please note that depending on the information you do not provide, there is a possibility that you may not receive our service in whole or part.

3) Information automatically received
In this website, we record an access log in order to assess the website. Also we use "Cookie" for the purpose of improvement of our services.
Ki Society shall appropriately manage both of these ways of automatically receiving information. Please note that this automatically received data will not be used to invade your privacy.

4) Utilization and provision to third party
Ki Society shall neither use beyond the stipulated purpose nor provide to a third party, with the following exceptions:

  • With your agreement, we can provide your information to a third party. However in such a case, we will make a condition of "preservation of confidentiality", "Re-provision to other party", or "holding of use when you demand".
  • When we are asked to disclose by law.
  • When necessary for protecting life, body and belongings of you or others, and when it is not possible to get your agreement.
  • When we need to co-operate with a government agency and/or local public agency, or those who are consigned to carry out their operations.

5) Entrustment
Ki Society may entrust the management of privacy policy in part or in whole to other entities. In this case, Ki Society shall choose the entity that has demonstrated proper safety management systems and require appropriate safety management.

4. Contact regarding Private Information

  • Ki Society shall immediately respond when you ask for a provision, revision, utilization, ceasing of provision as regards to your private information. Ki Society also shall respond to any and all queries regarding private information. However, Ki Society may not be able to delete this information, even though you ask, in such cases as it may be incompatible with the lawful duty of storage.
  • Please send your query regarding private information to the following office. If we need to send our reply to your personal mail, we ask 1000 yen (including tax) for commission.
  • 窓口の受付時間は平日10:00〜17:00とさせていただきます。

Officer for private information

Ichibancho Sasada Building 1F,
4-4, Ichibancho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0082, Japan

Purpose of Use of Private Information

Private information may include: customers' information, contracts, applications, receiving of requisitions, provision of products and services, quality control, and postservice.

The purpose of such information to be described upon receipt, with your agreement, providing for any partner co-operating in the above. The providing of such information for the express purpose of assisting entity recovery and to protect account receivables.

  • Shareholders
    Enforcement of rights and fulfillment of obligation as per Commercial Code
  • Business Partners
    Communication and procedure for handing the business and contract
  • All
    Dealing with the demand for disclosure of private information,
    Safety management for our facilities and network.