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1. Limitation of Use of Contents

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  2. You may download the Contents provided that all the following conditions are fulfilled:
    • The subject contents are admitted to be downloaded from the Website.
    • The purpose is for non-profit and personal use.
    • The use is in your home, and you may download to one computer and one copy only.
    • You need to use the subject Contents while maintaining copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights within the Contents.
  3. The use in the following way is prohibited.
    • To install the Contents into the other computers.
    • To copy, modify, edit, distribute, sell etc. the Contents. For example, to edit and change the Contents, to upload them to another Website, blog or server, to copy and distribute to other people.
  4. You may use the Contents only subject to this Policy, on a non-exclusive basis, and this does not mean to transfer any right.
  5. Ki Society may terminate the license of use if you breach this Policy, in which case, you shall stop the use of the Contents and delete all the Contents downloaded.
  6. Using the Contents without obtaining Ki Society's prior written consent, except in personal use, is infringement of copyrights. Infringement of copyrights is a breach of law, and you will receive a request of suspension of infringement and claim for loss to the right holder.
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2. Applicable Law

This Policy is governed by Japanese law. In case the Policy is translated into other languages, the interpretation of Japanese text takes precedence. Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any lawsuit in connection with this Website.

3. Link

Basically, it is no problem to link the Website. However, please do not link in the following cases:

  • To link the Website to a site whose purpose is to mentally abuse, libel, slander or damage the credibility of the Website.
  • To link to a website that has illegal contents or is connected with illegal activities.
  • Ki Society shall not be responsible for any damages occurred in connection with the use of its Website or any other website that the Ki Society Website is linked to.
In any case, Ki Society does not intend to promote those websites linked to the Ki Society Website, or products, or services shown in those websites.

4. Exemption of Liability

The Website is shown without imposing any expense. Ki Society pays full attention to showing information on the Website. However, Ki Society shall not be liable when there are some mistakes in the Contents, or trouble occurring between you and other parties in connection with the use of the Website.

Also Ki Society shall not be liable for any damages for software or hardware caused by the use of this Website.

Moreover, Ki Society shall not be liable for any damages caused by change of information, suspension, or termination of this Website or service in part or whole.