User Policy

Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai ("Ki Society") provides its services and products, as well as managing this website. The following Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement between Ki Society and you, governing your use of the website.

Terms of Use

  1. Upon your agreement to the Terms of Use, as per Ki Society's instructions, you may use the Service provided by Ki Society. You may purchase products of Ki Society, entrust Ki Society to produce documents and products and to dispatch same to you.
  2. You will pay the necessary amount as per Ki Society's price list and payment method. Ki Society may revise the price list and payment method and you agree to the price list and payment method when applying for these Services.
  3. Upon applying to Ki Society for these Services, you shall not cancel or recall the application, unless you have provided for the possibility of cancellation, and you shall pay as per the clause as above.
  4. You agree to pay the expense of sending data, dispatching of products by Ki Society, correspondence between Ki Society and you. Ki Society may dispatch products by its designated method of delivery and delivery company. Ki Society may revise the price list in accordance with the changing of price or delivery company. Ki Society shall not be liable for any accidents occurring during the delivery.
  5. The following actions are prohibited:
    • To send false information for the use of Ki Society Service.
    • To make a falsification of information to its Service or on any program of its Service.
    • To send a harmful computer program.
    • To infringe upon intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, moral rights etc. of Ki Society or third parties.
    • To mentally abuse, libel, or slander Ki Society or third parties.
    • To invade privacy or to threaten to invade privacy.
    • To interfere with Ki Society's activities.
    • To send sexually explicit or violent information.
    • To breach laws and regulations, or to be offensive to public order and morals.
    • To act in a way that Ki Society finds offensive.
  6. You shall waive any claim against Ki Society from third parties, including any hold harmless or similar claim, with respect to a claim asserted against Ki Society for patent, trademark, or copyright infringement or the like, due to your use of the Service or products, with your expense and remedy relative to any damages occurring to Ki Society.
    Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ki Society may settle any such claims at Ki Society expense, in which case, you shall pay the amount to Ki Society upon its order.
    You agree to Ki Society disclosing related data and its copy to the court or concerned authorities as necessary.
  7. You agree that Ki Society may cancel its Service, delete the subject data or record, and/or disclose to concerned authorities, when Ki Society considers that its Service and products are threatened to infringe third party's intellectual property rights, or breach of public order and morals.
    Ki Society shall not, in any way, be responsible to redress as above and you shall not object to Ki Society's failing to act as above.
  8. Ki Society shall manage registered information provided by you. In case Ki Society entrusts this management and operation to a third party, Ki Society may let the company manage your registered information.
    Ki Society may, in accordance with its privacy policy, use your registered information for Ki Society's products, services, promotions, development or any other activities of Ki Society, provided that the same shall not apply when you clearly notify Ki Society of a disagreement.
  9. Ki Society shall not disclose your registered information and information concerning the utilization of its services except in the following cases:
    • When Ki Society needs to disclose to a third party for entrusting management and operation of its Service.
    • When you agree in advance.
    • When Ki Society is demanded to disclose by law.
  1. Ki Society may, in order to maintain its service system, delete your ID, password, your registered information, data etc. without advance notice. Ki Society shall not be liable for any damages occurring to you by the above.
  2. Ki Society may temporarily suspend its Service in whole or in part without advance notice when the following situation occurs:
    • When Ki Society conducts maintenance and inspection, alters or corrects a breakdown of its Service.
    • When a difficulty with its Service occurs due to forces beyond the control of Ki Society, such as fire, blackout, or natural calamity.
    • When a malfunction of communication line occurs.
    • When Ki Society considers it necessary to temporarily suspend its Service.
  3. Ki Society may, with one month notice, terminate its Service in whole or in part.
  4. Ki Society shall not be liable for any damages occurring to you by actions described in 9.b and 9.c above.
  5. You shall not assign, pledge or transfer your rights or positions to third parties.
  6. Ki Society's notice shall be sent to your e-mail address. The notice is considered received upon sending out from Ki Society.
  7. You lose the position of the user when you breach this policy, in which case, Ki Society may delete the user registration without notice and shall not be liable for any damages occurring to you due to this deletion.
    Additionally, Ki Society shall not have the responsibility to return data maintained for you, or any records. You shall remedy any damages occurring to Ki Society in relation to your breach of the policy.
  8. When any dispute occurs between you and a third party in relation to this Service, you shall resolve this at your own expense, and Ki Society shall not be liable.
  9. When any dispute occurs between Ki Society and you, each party agrees that the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any lawsuit in connection with this Service.