Monthly Archive : 2014/08

World Camp 2014 will be held from 22nd (Oct) to 26th (Oct).
All members of Ki Society are welcome to participate in the Seminars.
We look forward to meeting and practicing with all of you again this year.

22nd Wednesday :
9.30-12.00 Examiners Class (For Examiners and Chief Instructors)
9.30-12.00 Ki Aikido Taigi Class (For members who wish to practice Aikido)
9.30-12.00 Ki Development Kiatsu Class (For members who wish to practice Kiatsu)

14.30-17.30 : Examiner Class
14.30-17.30: Ki Aikido Taigi Class
14.30- 17.30: Ki Development Ki Calligraphy Class

19.30-21.00: Welcome Gathering

23rd Thursday :
6.30-7.30 Free Practice
9.30-12.00: Seminar (Shinichi Tohei Sensei)
14.30-17.30: Seminar (Otsuka Sensei)
19.30-21.00: Ki Breathing (Shinichi Tohei Sensei)

24th Friday:

6.30-7.30: Free Practice
9.30-12.00: Seminar( Shinichi Tohei Sensei)
13.30-15.00: Kyogen Workshop
15.30-17.30: Seminar (Kataoka Sensei)
19.30- 21.00: Ki Meditation (Shinichi Tohei Sensei)

25th Saturday:

6.30-7.30: Free Practice
9.30-12.00: Seminar (Yamamoto Sensei)
14.30-17.30: Seminar (Shinichi Tohei Sensei)

19.30-21.00: Farewell Gathering

26th Sunday:

6.30-7.30: Free Practice
9.30-12.00: Oneness Rhythm Exercise (Sawai Sensei)
12.30: Departure of Shuttle buses
14.00-16.00: Oneness Rhythm Exercise (Sawai Sensei)