Dojo and Classes - Visitations

Dojo and Classes - Visitations

Upon Visits

Before joining us and becoming members, we would like to ask you to visit a class of your desired classes at least once. As it is an important choice and decision that you will be making for yourself in the commitment to training.
We have about 400 Dojos and classes in Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
Therefore please contact the Dojo nearest to your location if you are interested in joining.

On Visiting Us

You can start the training of Shinshin Toitsu Aikido regardless of age or gender, except young baby.
It does not matter whether you have any past experience of Martial Arts or whether you are athletic or not.
The Dojos and classes are always welcome you for your visit during practice hours. Casual attire is fine for visitations.
You are also welcome to take part in basic lessons like trying and learning how to keep "correct and natural posture" and also how to keep "One point" during the visitation. (Please note: that practice of techniques and arts cannot be taken part in before enrollment due to safety reasons.)
There are also Seminars for beginners being held in some Dojos for non members who are interested in learning about Shinshin Toitsu Aikido before joining.
During the visit it is also important to check the transportation and time that will be taken for travelling to and from the Dojo so as to make sure that once you enroll you are able to commit to long-term practice of Aikido. Compatibility with the Dojo atmosphere and teachers are also important when picking a Dojo to enroll in.

Procedure for Visits

Prior to visit please contact the Dojo you would like to visit by email or phone to find out about class and Dojo hours and when would be a convenient time to visit as some Dojos have a fixed and allocated time slot for practice. (Link for list of Dojos and classes)

Becoming a Member

You need to become a member of Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai when you start training.
When you decide to start, you can register at the Dojo you will belong to.
In becoming a member the fees are as follows in general:

Initiation Fee: 5,250yen(*1)
Sports and safety Insurance fees: Adults 1,850yen (above high school age)
Children 800 yen (below Junior High school age) (*2)

*1: We will ask you to pay 4,200yen for annual membership fee. (2,100yen if you are under 18 years old or the member belong to University clubs) The first year (from April to March next year) is no charge.
*2: Sports and safety Insurance is valid from April to March next year.
*3: Monthly training fees, the way for the payment, training schedule is depend on each Dojo and class.
*4: Please ask about the details to each Dojo and class by email or phone.