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Teachings in Dojos and classes

Teachings in Dojos and classes

Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai offers teaching to the members at our Dojos and in classes all around the world.

Unification of Mind and Body / Stable Posture

Shinshin Toitsu Aikido is the Budo in which we throw by respecting and leading the opponent.
To be able to throw our opponent, we have to keep our own posture stable.
Therefore, we learn what the correct and stable posture is and how to keep it from the start.
A natural posture has natural stability. Whereas an unnatural posture, for example putting tension or dead relaxation, has no stability.
Once we learn this correct posture, we often have better athletic ability and also make a better impression.
For children, learning to maintain good posture will enhance their development.
Based on a natural posture, we learn about natural movement and breathing.

Ki Test - Checking of Correct Posture

There is a way of knowing whether one keeps natural posture, and that is by checking whether the posture is stable. We call this "Ki test".
By testing when sitting or standing still as well as when in motion, we can make sure that our posture remains natural and correct.
By learning to pass a Ki test correctly, we can then apply what we have learned to check other form of postures in other forms of endeavor. This is why people at the top level of some fields are learning Ki testing.
More specifically, at the beginning we learn stable posture in stillness, and next we learn to apply this stability in motion, through practicing Hitoriwaza (exercises done alone), and thereafter we learn how to, while practicing arts and techniques with a partner, how to maintain self control and to lead the partner.

How to get started with your practice immediately:

We teach Shinshin Toitsu Aikido only for our members.
We recommend to visit a Dojo near you and to see how the class atmosphere is like.
-Click herefor list of Dojo locations near you.

Procedure for a Visit

Prior to visiting a Dojo please contact the Dojo you would like to visit by email or phone to find out about class hours and when would be a convenient time for visit. (Link for list of Dojos and classes)

Seminars at Headquarters

Seminars at Headquarters

Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai holds Seminars at headquarters in Tochigi.
In a year a variety of Seminars are held for members such as Seminars for Grading, Bokken and Jo Seminars (weapon training), Aikido sequential arts ("Taigi") Seminars, Ki Breathing Seminars, World Camp etc.

Instructors Seminars

Members that have attained Instructor qualification (Shodan level and above), will be taught by the president, Shinichi Tohei Sensei at Instructors Seminars.
These seminars are about the preparation for being an instructor, how to teach, and the points to be aware of while teaching and conducting classes.
For instructors who have examiner qualification, it is compulsory to attend these seminars twice a year. For members that have instructor qualifications, it is compulsory to attend this seminar at least once a year. If attendance is less than the expected criteria, instructor qualifications would not be able to be renewed/ updated next year.
A Seminar on risk management for instructors is also held to teach instructors how to manage risks when teaching and in the Dojo. It is compulsory for all instructors to attend at least once a year.

Who can be a Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Instructor

In any Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Dojo or classes, only those who hold a teaching/ instructor qualification can teach and instruct. A person who holds a level higher than Shodan, and has a recommendation from their instructor, will be qualified by the president, Shinichi Tohei Sensei. To be an examiner, a person needs to hold at least Sandan, possess instructor qualifications and experience, and be recommended by the Chief Instructor of a Ki Society or Ki Federation.

For those who would like to apply Ki and Mind and Body unification for their health:

Ki Seminar

This seminar is about the basics of mind and body unification based on Shinshin Toitsu Aikido and how to use this basic principle and Ki in daily life to cultivate a healthy life.
Lessons would be about learning the basics of Ki breathing, Ki meditation, Ki with exercises (stretching exercises, oneness rhythm exercise) and Kiatsu for personal needs.
To attend this seminar, there is no requirement to train Aikido but it is necessary to be a member of Ki Society.

Kiatsu-ho Basic Course

The students can learn the unification of mind and body and Kiatsu method at an intermediate level.
Students can choose from the commuter course (for a year) which is held once a week on Saturdays, or from home-based course (for 2 years) which has monthly seminars (Ki Seminar) at many cities in Japan and Kiatsu-ho Schooling (2-3day workshop) held 6 times a year.
To enroll in this course, there is no requirement to train Aikido but it is necessary to be a member of Ki Society.

Kiatsu-ho Instructor Course

The students can learn the unification of mind and body and Kiatsu method at a higher level, which is expanded in applications. This is a 2 year intensive course for anyone who wants to be an instructor of Kiatsu method.
Classes are held 3 times a week at Tochigi (H.Q), Tokyo office, Osaka office, Nagoya as well as Kiatsu Schooling held 6 times a year.
To enroll in this course, there is no requirement to train Aikido but it is necessary to be a member of Ki Society. Students of this course are also able to attend the monthly seminars (Ki Seminars) for free.

Kiatsu ho Continuation Course

This course is for the students who have already graduated from the Kiatsu-ho Instructor Course and who would like to continue learning more in depth about Kiatsu.
Students of this course can participate in all Kiatsu-ho classes, Schoolings and Ki Seminars.

Ki with Calligraphy Course

The students can learn the unification of mind and body through calligraphy lessons. Anyone who is our member and has at least the rank of Shokyu of Shinshin Toitsu Do can participate in this course.
We prepare a 3-year curriculum: The 1st year will be on learning calligraphy at the basic level (Kaisho), the 2nd year will be at the intermediate level (Gyosho), and 3rd year the advanced level (Sosho), For the student's convenience, we offer this as a 1-year course and students can decide on their own when and whether to renew and learn more.

*Kiatsu ho courses, Ki Calligraphy courses and Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Instructor courses are taught by Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Instructors and managed by Ki Management Corporation.

Seminars for Schools, Companies / Organizations and Athletes

At the request of many schools, seminars are held to teach students the correct posture, calm mind, positive mind, self-defense and communications.

For Companies and Organizations, we do seminars and on-site trainings and teach correct posture, keeping one point, and Ki breathing methods, leadership, stress management, self control, better communication and how to apply all these principles to their business.

For athletes and their managers, we teach correct posture, keeping one point, Ki breathing methods, and train them to perform to the best of their ability without being affected by nervousness when performing during a big event, breaking out of a slump, self control and other points for maximizing their performance.

*These courses and seminars are managed by Ki Management Corporation, for more information please contact Ki Management Corporation.